Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Knitting for Kids

My 11 year old son is a big fan of hand knits.  In the heat of summer, when we were melting on the porch, he mentioned that he wanted a new sweater for the fall (wool, solid colour, gansey style, no frills) and has been eyeing my socks.

He's a bright lad and has already figured out that nothing makes me happier than to knit for my family.  So I thought I'd go one further and make him some socks.  I know it's a bit of a gamble to knit socks for kids as they are so hard on their clothes but what's life without a little risk.

I also wanted them to be a secret - a christmas present perhaps.  So I decided to knit them from work.  Brilliant!  He'd never see them here and then I could just bring them home and tuck them under the tree.  So I cast on at work one day and started knitting him socks.

The thing about knitting at work is I have very limited window of opportunity to get anything done.  It's just over lunch.  So this sock has taken me about a month to knit - lunches only, Monday to Friday. 

Today I finished the first sock, sat back and had a good look at it and you know what?  I have run right into the issue with knitting for kids.

My son grew.  The socks won't fit.

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