Saturday, 11 August 2012

End of the Drought?

It's Saturday again and the most exciting thing is that it has rained.  I don't mean just a little tease of a sprinkle, I mean measurable rainfall.  In some ways it's very good - a huge relief that might be in time for some crops.  But truthfully, there has been rain for the past week and my yard  is now a different colour - it's green again.  We need to cut the grass and I think all the little slips of trees that I planted in the spring might even survive.

There has been some knitting happening too.  I've finished a sock and most of a mitten.  Before anybody asks, no - there's no second-sock syndrome or second-mitten syndrome happening.  I simply don't know how I want to finish the mitten so there it sits on the needles waiting for me to make a decision.  I'm leaning towards a very simple cuff - but part of me wants to make something big and extravagant.

As for the sock, I finished it and grafted the toe late last night while watching TV.  I even started casting on for the second sock but when I couldn't correctly count to 64 (to make sure I had the right number of stitches) I gave up and went to bed.

Which is when I decided that maybe this much rain isn't a good thing.

There is about 2 cups of water in the bowl.


  1. Oh no! Never a good thing to see rain falling INDOORS.
    We lost most of our grass last year due to a grub infestation. Then there was the drought. The rains have returned but the only plant life returning are some particularly obnoxious weeds I can't even find a good use for.

    1. Nothing a can of roofing tar couldn't fix. My dog (80 lb Lab) was miffed that his bed was damp-ish so spent most of the evening lobbying to be allowed to sleep on our bed!