Thursday, 24 January 2013

Stolen Moments

I have a new work schedule that I'm quite excited about.  I work from home on Thursdays now.  Yup - every Thursday is me parked on the couch with a blankie and my doggie, my own coffee in my cups and a full kitchen to make lunch (which is really funny since I hate making lunches).

So today I hit on a great idea though I'm sure the rest of the world is going to say "Well, yeah...what else were you going to do?".  I took a few moments in the middle of the day to spin.  What a treat to have a spinning break in the middle of a workday!

A little backstory here - I ordered a six pack of BFL roving from SweetGeorgia Yarns in BC and it arrived last week.  I've been looking at it for days now.  Aren't they lovely.

It was a bit of a job to decide which one to start with but in the end I picked this one

I think these colours absolutely scream "Summer".  They remind me of the colour of the water when I was last in Thailand, the colour of the grass by the sea, summer sky with a bit of cloud.  I can almost hear the surf and the sea birds.  

Its the most perfect tonic against this.


  1. Congratulations on getting to work from home one day a week! Who knows, it may grow into more!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! They are pretty aren't they. I'll have pics of the finished yarn shortly.

  3. That roving looks lovely spinned, It's surprising how different it can look after it's, well, spun. :) I'm pretty in awe of spinners, it's so hard to get the yarn even and yours looks perfect!

    1. You're far too kind - so often the camera isn't very forgiving but in this case I think it is. The finished yarn is lovely as well. I'll have pictures to show shortly.