Saturday, 5 May 2012

Magic in a seed

I've been gardening and planting "crops" by seed for several years now and each and every year I look at the seeds that I pour out into my hand and wonder how it is that such a small thing can produce such an amount of food.  I'm thinking of carrots in particular - a tiny wisp of a seed that grows into such a root.  Amazing.

The photo above is turnips.  Nothing too fancy there - just plain ol' turnips.  The curious thing is that even though I know the seed is good, and is going to grow, I still insist on dropping a few seeds in a given location thinking that a few of them aren't going to grow.  Strange - I don't do this with larger bulb type crops such as garlic or onions.  And seed potatoes get chopped up into fairly small pieces to stretch them further.  

I think these few weeks are my favourite of the year.  In the rational part of my brain, I know that if I provide a basic set of conditions, the seed is going to grow.  But watching it happen is still magic beyond words.

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