Friday, 25 May 2012

And the list goes on

It's getting so you can hardly hear yourself think around here!  I have a few....ok, more than a few projects on the go and they are all clamoring for my attention.  It's been a busy week and I'm ashamed to say, I'm still recovering from the Victoria Day Weekend Gardening Marathon.  The back of my legs are still tight...after four days, I'm embarrassed enough to submit to public shaming.
But enough about me - here is what's making all the noise around here:
The Ginger Alhambra is moving along - slowly, but it is moving.  I'm really pleased with this, and adore the colour.  I admit, It is a colour that makes me look jaundiced, however the intended recipient can wear this and look like a star.

This is hollering to be a Baby Surprise Jacket.  I have the wool, the pattern and the needles...Sarah's baby isn't due until October, but the fact that I haven't started in order to finish other things surely reveals a depth of character and restraint worthy of canonization.  That being said, Chuck found my wool winder this week (and another 2 cu. ft. box of yarn about which I'm trying to maintain a dignified silence)....I'm weakening.

This has been giving me coy glances across the table every time I sit down with my computer.  Lately, it's been getting bolder and is starting to whisper sweet nothings about how fetching it would be if I were to knit it into a lacy something.  It even lured me here to have a look.

And then there is this.  This has been my darling for the past few weeks.  I have a real love/hate relationship with variegated yarns such as this.  On the one hand, I adore the blend of colours and how each and every project is so unique.  On the other, it's a real job to find a pattern that shows off the spectacular colours to their best advantage.  I tried a few things with this and finally gave up.  Nothing worked.  The colour was always wonderful, but all patterns that I tried were totally obscured.  I wound the yarn back up into a ball and let it sit in the sun with me one day to tell me about what it's dreams were.  In the magical way that only yarn has, it made it's intentions very clear.  It wanted to be a scarf.  A relatively plain scarf that would show off it's colours in all their glory, but have just enough of a pattern to keep me entertained so I would actually complete it.

We're about two months away from London 2012 and I'm thinking about this for the Summer 2012 Knitting Olympics.  Swatching is within the rules, but to swatch I need the wool.....

And lets not forget SeƱor Indigo Montoya...a.k.a. the travel knitting.  The heel is turned, the decreases are complete, it's just the length of the foot and then the toe to be done.  It's a good thing, because this is becoming increasing impatient to be a pair of socks.

I still haven't planted the pumpkin seeds...nor have I gone out to get the plants for the tea garden.  Good thing it's Friday and there is a weekend coming.

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