Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Baby Knitting as a Sock Enabler

So I've gone from this

to this

in 4 hours.  The decreasing and little I-cord tab at the top were finished at a friend's house during a dinner party.

Some people are going to read that and say "Wow - you did that in four hours!"

Others will say "What?  You take your knitting to dinner parties?!" (and strike me off the list of potential invitees)

I admit I do take my knitting with me most places - it comes to this friend's house all the time.  In fact, if I don't bring it, I get asked questions and I'm fidgety after dinner.  I take it to work with me as well to work on during lunch and I've been known to take it to seminars as well.

But since this only took me four hours and used only 20% of the skein of wool (Louet Gems in Aqua) I'll be making more.  The best part though, is that because I've moved forward on the baby knitting,  it's enabled me to move forward on this - guilt free.

In other news, potatoes and asparagus were planted on the weekend, the garlic and white onions are up in the garden, the rhubarb has recovered from transplant shock and the chives - which we very carefully dug up from the last house, and transplanted in the fall only to rototill into the garden a few weeks ago, have survived and are growing.

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