Saturday, 16 March 2013

Take Two

I've told you that I'm part of the winter yarn club from Sweetgeorgia Yarns and I showed you a picture of the last shipment I received.  Here's a reminder.

I also mentioned that the colours didn't really 'speak' to me but it is a lovely-to-touch merino/silk/nylon sock yarn blend and I thought that even though I don't care for the colours like this, that maybe it would knit up into something I liked.

So I wound the skein into a cake.

I'm still not totally thrilled with it.  But maybe it would look better when it's actually knit up.  Varigated yarn can be that way.

Not a chance.  I'd never wear these - not even in work boots where nobody would ever see them.  I do like the spiraling stripe, but not in these colours and certainly not with glitter in it (pity you can't really see the glitter, you're missing the Liberace effect of the yarn).  One of my nieces is a real 'girly' girl and I suspect she'll appreciate the colours and glitter more than I will.

So in the meantime, I have about 80 rows left on the never-ending stole, and some red sock yarn that I picked up a few weeks ago.  

The day I bought this, I was getting dressed and wanted red socks.  I've never worn red socks in my life - but then I happened to see red sock yarn later that day.  Must be fate.  

I have a soft and slightly fuzzy pink yarn and a pattern by Fibre Trends to go with it.  I'm thinking 'Stream'.

And I found this while looking for the pink yarn.  I had forgotten about this.  It's labelled as 'recycled' silk and is surprisingly heavy for the size.  This is 100g.   

I have another in similar colours but not close enough to consider it two skeins of the same thing.  But given the variation in colours, I could probably do a few rows from one skein and a few rows from the other and nobody would ever know.  It would look planned.  I don't know the yardage, but I might be able to get a loosely knit cowl out of it.  A Möbius cowl maybe?  Something with really simple construction in stockinette stitch on oversized needles that will allow the colours to be the star of the show.  What do you think?


  1. I wonder if you did a 2X2 rib with the Sweet Georgia yarn if it would stop the pooling? This is the reason I don't join sock clubs any more. Too many times the yarn colours just wouldn't suit me, and as a consequence I have a plastic container full of sock yarn. I will eventually use it up knitting baby gifts. Have you thought about using this yarn for a Baby Surprise Jacket? It would be beautiful used in a baby girl's sweater.

  2. Oh....what a brilliant idea! I think you're right - this would be great as a BSJ! Thank you!

  3. At least you have a plan for the yarn. I hope your niece likes the socks. Otherwise, I like Kristie's idea with the Baby Surprise Jacket.

  4. Wow, the Sweet Georgia turned out very differently than I would have guessed. I always like doing slip stitch patterns with variegated yarn that pools since that helps break them up.