Sunday, 9 December 2012


December 9 and the ALL the Christmas knitting is done, washed, blocked and ready!

I finished the last pair of socks last night which leaves more than two weeks before Christmas...wonder if I can get another pair of socks or a cowl done between now and then.

The tree is up, though not yet decorated but I actually know where the decorations are this year.  Yes, it's an artificial tree.  Not my first choice, but between two dogs, a cat, and woefully uneven floors, I felt it was prudent.

We got some new stockings for my brother's girlfriend and her daughter because everyone needs a stocking,

the fresh, locally raised turkey has been ordered

and I'm starting to buy the specialty foods (Quality Street chocolate anyone?).

You could make an argument that much of the food could be purchased earlier than this, but honestly - I know myself and it would have been eaten long before I needed it.  In addition to this, the vast majority of my shopping is done and the items have been received and I still have miles of wrapping paper thanks to an impulse purchase at Costco a few years ago.  I even know what I'm having for dinner Christmas Eve because my menus are done.

This year for the first time in many many years, I feel like I'm on schedule and ready.  And you know what?  I'm actually enjoying the season.

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