Monday, 10 December 2012

If you leave a hunter unattended in the kitchen...

For most hunters in Eastern Ontario, the deer hunting season closed a long time ago.  But for those few who chose to hunt with a bow and arrow, this week is the last week to hunt.

My husband is one such hunter and was all prepared to go out for one final week.  But yesterday, the weather network started forecasting foul weather of snow followed by freezing rain.  He wasn't to be deterred, but by the end of the day, and a glance at the radar maps, he'd decided that perhaps going up early in the morning wasn't a good idea.  

As it turns out, the school buses were all cancelled and there was freezing rain until noon.  It was a good decision on his part, but he was very disappointed.  

So after plowing the lane-way, taking the dogs out and getting dinner ready he decided to make cookies.  He found the cookie cutters and was absolutely tickled to discover that I had deer and moose shaped cookie cutters.  I also have a lighthouse, a couple dinosaurs, and some fish in addition to the more traditional stars, angels, trees and gingerbread men.

Then he found the coloured sugars and started "decorating" his moose....

Anyone else out there have cookies with "kill spots"??

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