Wednesday, 6 June 2012


It's a strange thing how life moves in waves.  I've spent the past several weeks so busy I didn't know if I was coming or going.  Planting the garden took up much more of my time than I had anticipated.  I reckon I must have spent six weeks digging and planting.

But now it's all done.  These are some of the more recent photos.



Onions with clover
And I don't really know what to do with myself.  I visit the garden once, sometimes twice a day to make sure things are growing and that nothing is being eaten (this is actually my greater concern) and will turn the sprinkler on if I need to, but that is really the extent of my involvement until harvest.  I'm not even really weeding it.  Most of the "weeds" that are growing are clover and grass and I figure I can turn most of that under as green manure in the fall.

The list of home renovation projects I planned for this year is done.  This is the new deck we put on (no, I didn't do that - I paid a super contractor for the fine work), as well as resided this part of the house.

Which leaves me with knitting and spinning.  I've been sadly neglecting my spinning in favour of working with cashmere and silk but the wheel is in my dining room and is starting to give me dirty looks every time I go by.  

The Baby Surprise Jacket is done.  I have to agree, it is truly a marvel of engineering but it has also reinforced my belief that Garter Stitch comes from one of the inner circles of hell and is what knitters who end up in purgatory get to work with.  I know - you all have a favourite pattern worked in garter stitch and I'm sure it's lovely.  But  I found this to be endless and apart from a few rows where I had to pay attention, it was painfully dull.

The Ginger Alhambra is moving along.  There are 17 repeats completed.  I'm aiming to do about 23 and then it'll be done.  And believe it or not, the Indigo Montoya socks that have lived in my purse for what seems like forever, are almost done!  Which is good because I feel a need to knit mittens coming on.  I think they're the perfect summer knitting, small enough for instant gratification and they aren't piles of wool in your lap when it's 30C.  And - they'll actually be done when you need to wear them.  

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