Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Gift Stash 2012

Last Christmas was a pain in the arse.  It was our first Christmas in the new house and even though we had been there since the end of September, we still struggled with every aspect of a traditional Christmas.  Well, almost every.  The previous owners left a string of lights on the top roofline.   Yeah, I would have left them too.  So that was the only thing we had done at around the usual time.  One string of lights.  Whoopee.  The tree was put up the day before Christmas; we never actually got the stockings out (because we couldn’t find them.  It’s now April – I still don’t know where they are) and I was still shopping on the 23rd.  Dinner, while delicious, was a crapshoot for quantities as I had difficultly confirming numbers (a whole other story – don’t ask) and I felt like I was running the whole time.  I was almost relieved to go back to work.

So this year, in an effort to simplify my life,  I’ve made a promise to myself.  The men in my family are pretty easy to shop for – a few movies, a computer game or two, something for the Wii....a DS game or two and some sort of hunting/fishing paraphernalia and all is good for them.  But the women....the women are another story altogether.  None of the women are difficult in the traditional sense of being picky, but they have everything they need.  I’ve agonized for years over shopping for these ladies and I think I’ve finally figured it out.  Scarves – good ones.  Made of luxury fibres that I can’t afford to buy in the shops.  I’m not talking just a nice merino wrap – I mean the good stuff.  Silk and cashmere. 

I’m pleased to say that the first item is done and ready for “Gift Stash 2012”.  I’ve completed Almost Ovals by Anne Hanson in Marrakesh by HandMaiden.  Marrakesh is a marvelous blend of 70% Silk and 30% Camel.  The skein is enormous - I used less than half of it to make the scarf in the photos.  Finished sizes are 10.5 by 52 inches. I haven’t fully decided who is going to get this, but at least it’s done.
"Marrakesh" in Cedar


Next, I'm looking at a hat and scarf set.  Time to get moving - only 240 days until Christmas!

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