Thursday, 26 April 2012

Collective abdication of responsibility

Part of the price I pay to live in rural Lanark is that I have a very long commute to my job in Ottawa.  Today I left the house at 7:10 and arrived at work at 8:20.  It was about average.  During this time, I usually listen to the radio.  I could use the time to listen to an audiobook, or learn a new language but I like the fluff that is commercial radio.  It’s brain candy.  And like all candy, it will cause rot if you don’t pay attention.

I have noticed lately that there are A LOT of “buy a new car” type commercials on the radio in the morning.  Today I counted them – 13 in 70 minutes.  Now I admit that one ad for was for an RV/trailer business and a second one was for a marina flogging pontoon boats but still; that’s 13 ads in 70 minutes.  One ‘buy a new expensive toy’ ad every 5 minutes.  Every one of these companies offered financing if you needed it.

What are even more interesting are the ads in the afternoon.  This is where you hear all the “get out of jail free” ads – the get your debt reduced ads and the dodge your speeding ticket ads.  But the one that really winds me up is the business that will help you “Dodge your drunk driving ticket”. Really? In a society which claims to have zero tolerance for drunk driving, how did this ever become a viable business?

Am I the only one who feels that there has been a wild swing towards a collective abdication of responsibility?  When did it become acceptable to ignore the rights of everyone around us, to spend and live well beyond our means?  The argument seems to be “Why wouldn’t you if you can have a huge chunk of your debt forgiven if you apply to one of several companies”.  Well, someone has to pay for that sooner or later and as someone who has always paid my bill – I don’t want to be stuck with yours too. 

Now I don't believe the radio station is directly responsible for causing brain rot - they're just making money from advertising.  But whatever happened to “obey the law”, “don’t drink and drive” and “live within your means”?

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