Tuesday, 8 April 2014

An Unexpected Delay

So after starting to tell you how I modify sweater patterns, or patterns in general, I packed up my laptop and left Perth for a few days in New Jersey. I figured I'd post the next steps from the hotel in Parsippany but got there and realized that my camera was at home. As it turns out, I barely had time to sleep, let alone write the next steps before I was back on the airplane to fly home. I was home for about 40 hours which was just long enough for me to empty the suitcase, wash everything, pat the dogs and repack before driving to Toronto which is where I am right now.

This is the view out my hotel window. However my camera, with the photos is still at home. Rats. My apologies for the delay in posting the next steps for what I do to adjust sweater patterns to my liking. So here is what I can tell you:

  • The flight to New Jersey was uneventful and my time there was productive. 
  • Coming back via Pearson Airport in Toronto, there is a dedicated lane at customs for people like me who have connecting flights. 
  • Even with this fast-tracking lane, I still had to hustle; Pearson is a big airport
  • The customs agent was surprised that I was a software engineer. Not sure why.
  • My dogs really don't like it when I come home only long enough to repack my bags and then leave again.
  • I love satellite radio on long drives.
  • I have always loved Toronto, and I still do.
  • I don't like going to a restaurant by myself and I'm getting tired of eating out; I want to make my own dinner - and eat with my family.
So anyway, it's now Tuesday night and I'll be here in Toronto until Saturday morning when I'll pack everything up and make the trek back to Perth. I think there might be some yarn shopping on the way (I just realized that I'm within walking distance of Lettuce Knit....)

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