Tuesday, 1 October 2013

How Did That Happen

So I got up this morning, got Ian out the door for school and logged into my computer to go to work. It's Tuesday which means it is a work-from-home-day. As I was waiting for the remote systems to come up I scanned through my personal email, Facebook, and Ravelry - just to see what was going on.

Today I had a note from a friend asking if I was OK because I hadn't posted anything on the blog in so long and that it was really unlike me and that she was quite concerned for my welfare.

She's right of course - it is out of character. So I'll share with all of you the dirty little secret of my absence.


A colleague told me about it - urged me to give it a try. So I did. And honestly, I think it is more addictive than crack. I tell myself that I'm going upstairs to send a few emails and do the banking. A few hours later when Chuck comes up the stairs to tell me its time for bed, the emails aren't written and the bills are unpaid but I've pinned things. Am I going to use these things? Not sure. I've found two household tips that work well but apart from that, not much. Certainly not enough to justify the hours I've spent staring at the screen.

Add to that the fact that when I'm pinning "pretty-things-that-I-won't-use", I'm not knitting. Neither am I spinning. So I have almost nothing to show you. Almost.

This is the sock I was knitting in Winnipeg. Not the second sock. The sock. I've knit about 2.5 inches of the ribbing for the second sock.

This is another pair I started. Why did I start another pair instead of finishing the first pair? Good question. I have no idea.

This sock is knit with Fleece Artist "Trail Socks" in Blomidon

I also managed to almost finish this. This is about 40g of a merino/cashmere blend  (80/20). I got this as part of the Spring Canadian Fibre Box from Ottawa Valley Fibre Arts. I don't know who the producer is, other than it came from a small mill in Ontario. I spun it into about 200 yards of two ply laceweight. It still needs to be finished (i.e. soaked and set) but I'm quite pleased with it.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I apparently have some banking I've neglected.

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  1. pinterest is total crack! Also - I begged a Canadian military spouse on revelry for an invite to their knitting group - and I got one! It might be because I said I speak Canadian....