Sunday, 7 July 2013


I have something new to share with you, and it isn't another pair of socks!  After flipping through a copy of Knit to Flatter by Amy Herzog at a friend's place a few weeks ago (Thanks M!) I bought a copy for myself.

Like most women I know, I'm not Ms. Average so I have to adjust sweater patterns in some way, but I don't have a lot of confidence in my ability to do so.  I think it's because in order to do it well, I need to have a better knowledge of garment construction.  This book shows how and where to calculate the adjustments, which adjustments are easiest and which you should really leave alone and how to play up features to their best advantage.

So here is Flutter.  This is a pullover with a boat neck and elbow length sleeves.  Most of the sweater will be knit in stockinette stitch but there is a dainty cable pattern running up both sides of the body that is repeated on the sleeves. So far, so good.  The challenge is that it is knit in what is essentially sock yarn.  Think about that for a minute - a sweater knit in sock yarn.  I'm not a petite person.  I'm certainly not the first to knit a sweater at this gauge, but it's the first time I've ever done this.  This is what I've done so far.

Note - if you're thinking of making this, there is an errata page from the publisher here - you want to see this, the chart in the book is wrong.

In totally unrelated news, the strawberry season is well underway here and farmer's have been saying that this is the best crop they've had in years.  And the farmer's are right - this year's berries are divine!  I stopped and bought two 4 L baskets from a roadside stand on Thursday.  One basket became jam:

 The other will be used for straight eating.   Next up - raspberries!

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  1. You would think that would take forever to knit in that small of a gauge. I did read in Big Girl Knits that smaller gauge is better for someone who, like me, is a little bigger than average.