Sunday, 16 June 2013

Lambs Down Park Festival

Yesterday I attended the third annual Lambs Down Park Festival in Carleton Place, ON on the grounds of the Canadian Wool Growers Co-op.

The Co-op was established in 1918 as a means to collect, sort and grade the wool grown in Canada and market it to the rest of the world.  In global terms, Canada is not a large producer of wool, though I was surprised to learn that 3 MILLION pounds of fleece goes through this warehouse each year. 

Most of what is produced is shipped overseas for processing - mostly to China; only about 10% remains in Canada.

But that 10% is good stuff.

I bought two batts (100 g) of Blue Faced Leicester dyed by Judy Kavanagh.  This has been naturally dyed using madder and cochineal so doesn't have that nasty chemical smell that yarn so often has.

I picked up some sock yarn dyed by Art-By-Ana of Smiths Falls.  Ana's studio is very close to me and she has some gorgeous colours.  I didn't take a picture, but check out the Sock Garden Party Cakes on her Etsy store.  Fantastic stuff!

And I discovered something new.  I'd like to introduce you to a new company called Trailhead Yarn and Fibre.  Their mission is use Canadian grown and processed wool - something I can get behind and support.  The yarn I bought was grown in Alberta and milled in Osgoode, ON.  Osgoode is about 70 km from my house.  I had no idea there was a wool mill there!  Might have to take a trip out someday.

This yarn is about a fingering weight with a fairly loose ply which gives it the slightly crimped texture you can see.  I think it will make a stunning scarf for the fall.

This is a very small festival, but I'm already looking forward to going back next year.


  1. Aren't yarn festivals fun? I had no idea that Canada produced that much wool either, and I'm staggered by the fact that three million pounds doesn't make it a particularly large producer either!

    Love seeing the local fiber and yarn you picked out. I'll definitely have to check out Art-by-Ana's Etsy shop again when she's not on vacation.

  2. That festival looks like it was awesome! Blue Faced Leicester is just about my favourite fibre. I have done lots of knitting with it, but have yet to spin some. Hopefully you will do a post to let us know what it was like to spin!