Thursday, 23 May 2013

When Inspiration Strikes

I told you all about the knitting slump I was in.  I debated bringing it up at all because nobody wants to hear me complain.  That isn't why you're here.  This whole situation was partly due to finishing a few large projects, most notably the Spring Celebration Wrap and I'm starting to switch gears and spend more time outside planting and tending the vegetable garden. Knitting doesn't hold my interest for long when there are seeds in my hand.

But the weather turned and it's been raining for days.  Great for the cool weather seeds that are in the ground, but it's meant to be cool for a few days more so I'm holding off putting out the rest of the warm weather plants.

Then the latest issue of Interweave Knits arrived in my mailbox.

There has been a change in the staff at IK and I was unsure how the magazine was going to look and how the styles would change.  The last few issues have been very pretty to look at, but (in my opinion) much of the knitwear hasn't been all that wearable.  But this time, all I can say is WOW.  It isn't full of cutesy stuff that nobody I know will be wearing - it's actually got wearable items in it.  More than one.

My challenge now isn't "What to knit?" or even "What to knit first?".  It's "How fast can I finish this pair of socks because I want that summer cardigan?"

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  1. I'm excited by the new IK patterns too. I love the direction they seem to be going in now.