Sunday, 16 September 2012

Not Such a Small Collection

Like most crafters, I have a selection of materials for practicing my craft.  I have lots of yarn to knit with and an increasing amount of roving for spinning.  I view these things as tools of my craft and feel it's necessary to have a broad selection to inspire and to allow me to create something on a whim.

My darling husband however, takes a different view of this.  Today after breakfast, he said he was going into town and would it be OK if he picked up a few plastic tubs for my yarn and roving.  Apparently spreading yarn through the house isn't considered interior design and he wanted to rein it in.  Sure I said - meant I didn't have to go into town.

He came back with  5 x 60L tubs.  That's 300L of storage space.  For those of you using Imperial measures, that's about 1 shit-ton.  I scoffed at this, said I wasn't going to need that much but extra room was always good and thanked him for running errands for me.

So I started the final unpack of my boxes of yarn from the move which happened just about a year ago.  I"m well aware that storing this much wool in cardboard boxes in a house prone to mice and moths is more than just flirting with disaster.  It's me giving disaster my very best "come hither" look.  Believe it or not - there was no moth damage, and no mice holes in the boxes.  I guess the cat is earning her keep after all.

During the unpack I found all sorts of lovely things - some of which I even remember buying.  There was sock yarn I'd wound into cakes (it's lovely, but honestly, I have no recollection of buying it), lots of lovely silk and wool blends (a soft spot for me) and piles of stuff I got in Asia.  I found lots of needles too (I should be good for sock needles for the rest of my life).

So imagine my surprise when I filled the six boxes.  All of them. I officially have 1 shit-ton of stuff.

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  1. A big chuckle coming down the Valley to you. Lets not kid ourselves about how much is REALLY stashed under the beds and in the unused luggage and places like that. Myself, I have this big window seat...