Friday, 6 July 2012

Hot 'nuff for ya?

Like most of the nation, Perth is being slow roasted in a heatwave.  The Weather Network is telling me that it's 30C.  My thermometer in the shade of my porch is saying 34C.  The thermometer in my kitchen says 32C.
34C in the shade
But there comes a point when it really doesn't matter what the number on the scale says and I think I've reached it.  It's too hot.
There - I said it.   And I'm one of summer's biggest fans; I love the heat, I adore the long sunny days but seriously - enough is enough.  It's too hot, too dry, people are getting cranky and I'm developing a deep and emotional attachment to my fan.  
Too dry
My dog is prostrate on the kitchen floor and the only reason I know the cat is even alive is she flicked her tail when I touched her.

So I'm knitting a shawl, a scarf and looking at mitten patterns.    Chuck is quite convinced I've spent a little too much time in the sun.



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